Amanda Benson
Character Information
Aliases {{{aliases}}}
Gender Female
Age 13
Current Monstraid(s) Warrior Lanceraid
Friends Jayden Storms
Rivals Tai Blaze
Enemies {{{enemies}}}
Occupation(s) Battle Raider, Thunder Raider
Series Information
First Appearance Beauty and the Lancer
A True Warrior fights with dignity and honor!

–Amanda to Jayden, Beauty and the Lancer

Amanda Benson is a recurring character in the Monstraids: Battle Raiders series. She is a fierce Raider who easily defeats her opponents swiftly with her signature Monstraid, Warrior Lanceraid.




  • Warrior Lanceraid: Amanda's primary Monstraid. Lanceraid is a Greek Warrior-like Monstraid.

Battle MovesEdit

  • Voltage Shield
  • Lightning Lancer

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