At Crawsher's End! is the 10th episode of Monstraids.


After hearing that Chase has gotten stronger, Tai decides to train in order to catch up with his comrades. While training, he encounters a boy who is obsessed with weakening foes.

Major EventsEdit

  • Jayden, Marcus, and Wake train together while Tai leaves for a job.
  • Tai encounters a Raider named Razor Beach and his Monstraid, Beach Crawsher.
  • Tai battles Razor and wins.
  • Tygrowl is revealed to know Burning Tornado Fang.
  • Chase encounters a Raider named Kody Matsumoto with a strange salamander-based Monstraid.


  • Jayden Storms
  • Dawn
  • Chase Arrow (cameo)
  • Tai Blaze
  • Marcus Owens
  • Wake Hamasaki
  • Razor Beach
  • Kody Matsumoto


Special MovesEdit

  • Six-Crabbed Claw Attack
  • Burning Tornado Fang

Raider BattlesEdit


  • Jayden Storms (Storm Sasquard) vs. Wake Hamasaki & Marcus Owens (River Dragier & Earth Gorlem)
    • Winner: Jayden and Sasquard
  • Tai Blaze (Blaze Tygrowl) vs. Razor Beach (Beach Crawsher)
    • Winner: Tai and Tygrowl