Blaze Tygrowl is a tiger-like Monstraid owned by Tai Blaze.


Blaze Tygrowl is based on a tiger-like creature.

Body FormEdit

Tygrowl is described as a humanoid, martial artist tiger.


Monstraid DetailsEdit

  • Battle Type: Speed
  • Element: Fire

Battle SkillsEdit

  • Attack: 5
  • Defense: 4
  • Power: 5
  • Counter: 3
  • Speed: 7



Episode DebutEdit

Special MovesEdit

  • Roar of Fire
  • Blazing Tiger Slash


  • Tygrowl is the only tiger-based Monstraid that inherits the Fire-element.


Tygrowl is based on a Bengal tiger.

Name OriginEdit

The name "Tygrowl" is derived from "Tiger" and "Growl".

"Blaze" is a word that means an intensely burning fire.

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