Chase Arrow
Character Information
Aliases Hawkeye (Jayden)
Gender Male
Age 14
Current Monstraid(s) Aerial Harriot
Friends Jayden Storms, Dawn, Dan Blaze, Marcus Owens, Wake Hamasaki
Rivals Jayden Storms
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Occupation(s) Battle Raider
Series Information
First Appearance The Thunder Raider!
As the great hawk soars into the sky, I will use their strength to become as strong as the storms!

–Chase Arrow

Chase Arrow is one of the main protagonists of the Monstraids: Battle Raiders series.

Known as the Fierce Soaring Hawk, Chase is a brave and skillful Raider who is Jaden Storms' best friend and rival. He dedicates himself to improve his battle skills in order to become stronger and counts on his abilities and strength to help him in battle with his Monstraid; Aerial Harriot.


Chase is a tan-skinned individual with curly, but straight, black hair that covers a part of his forehead, and has dark-green eyes. He also has a talon-like scar in-between his eyes and wears a falcon-shaped pendant on a necklace.

Chase also wears a short-sleeved, dark-green jacket with short sleeves tied with a brown belt over a dark-violet hooded shirt with long sleeves, has long black pants that are tucked into his long, brown boots. He also wears brown gloves that cover most of his hands and ends near his wrists.


Chase is a calm, serious, and enthusiastic person with lots of confidence. Since he is always skilled and confident in battle, Chase has no problems when winning many battles at once. He is able to quickly train hard, allowing him to use as many powerful and defensive battle moves that he creates at his disposal, making him Jaydn's most strongest rival.

Besides being a powerful battler, Chase is also very friendly and kind-hearted to his friends, including his best friend Jaydn since they grew up in the same city together. Mainly, Chase shares a close relationship with him.


Rivalry ReunionEdit

After Jaydn returned after he left years ago, Chase reunites with his old childhood friend and is revealed to have become the top Raider in the city. Since that is the case, he decides to battle his best friend during their reunion.

Since Chase had used many powerful battle techniques that he uses all the time, he was surprised when defeated at the hands of Jaydn, making him recognize him as a powerful rival that he could compete with.


Special MovesEdit

  • Tornado Harrier
  • Feather Whirlwind Slash
  • Phoenix Storm Assault

Launcher GearEdit

Chase has a purple battle launcher.


  • Chase's name is a surname, which means that its a name that is used by many famous people.
  • Arrow is the same as the projectile weapon of the same name.
  • Chase is the first rival to lose to Jayden once. The first was Tai Blaze and the second was Wake Hamasaki after he won against him once.