Character Information
Aliases DeeDee (Jayden)
Gender Female
Age 12
Current Monstraid(s) N/A
Friends Jayden Storms, Chase Arrow, Tai Blaze, Marcus Owens, Wake Hamasaki
Rivals None
Enemies Dr. Nemesis
Occupation(s) Data Checker
Series Information
First Appearance The Thunder Raider!
Dawn is one of the main protagonists in the series Monstraids: Battle Raiders. She is a Monstraid checker and mechanic.


Dawn is a short girl with long white hair that ends at her waist, and has cyan eyes. She wears a sleeveless pink jacket over a white short-sleeved shirt and has on a brown hat. She wears a short black skirt and has on blue leggings and fashion-styped boots and gloves.

She keeps her laptop case with her at all times.




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