Kronus Lancelot
Character Information
Aliases Kronos
Gender Male
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Current Monstraid(s) Phantom Breaker
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Rivals Jayden Storms, Chase Arrow
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Occupation(s) Battle Raider, Nemesis Member
Series Information
First Appearance The Titan Lord Rises
Kronus Lancelot, also known as The Titan Lord of Darkness, is a recurring character that makes an appearance in Monstraids: Battle Raiders.

Known as the Titan Lord of Darkness, he is a mysterious and powerful Black Nemesis member who is the owner of the Dark Monstraid, Phantom Breaker.


Kronus is a tall, tan-skinned, and cold-hearted person with spiky black hair with purple highlights and has grey eyes. He wears a long, neck-length collared violet jacket with long sleeves that have flame highlights, and buttoned line over a red shirt, has on tight black pants, and wears dress shoes.




  • Phantom Breaker: Kronus's first Monstraid that appears in the series.
    • Gladiator Breaker: Kronus's second Monstraid that evolves from Phantom Breaker.

Battle MovesEdit