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N/A A Rival Showdown!

The Thunder Raider is the first episode of the Monstraids: Battle Raiders series.


Years ago, a event caused strange comets to fall from the sky. Inside the comets was powerful energy that caused the creation of powerful element-based creatures known as the Monstraids.


Jayden Storms, a thirteen-year-old teenager, is walking down the streets of his hometown in Raider Battle City where he is heading for the Raider Battle City Open Day tournament that he has entered. As he is heading there, he is encountered by a gang of robust Raiders with various Monstraids in their launchers.

As Jayden asks them what they want, the gang are anxious to battle him despite his efforts to persuade them. Jayden and the gang gather near an alley where they begin to launch their Monstraids. With no effort to stop the challenge, Jayden takes out his Monstraid, Storm Sasquard, and exclaims that he will win the battle as he places it on his launcher. With everyone yelling out "Monstraid, Launch!", Jayden shoots Sasquard into the battle with the other Raiders doing the same.

Sasquard unleashes its true form...

Major EventsEdit

  • The main protagonist, Jayden Storms, is introduced into the series with his Monstraid, Storm Sasquard.
  • A gang of Raiders attack Jayden, but defeats them all easily.
  • Jayden meets Dawn, a Monstraid data checker.
  • Jayden enters the Raider Battle City Open Day tournament.
  • Jayden encounters Chase Arrow, a top Raider in Battle Raider City.



Special MovesEdit

  • Storm Charge (x2)

Raider BattlesEdit

  • Jayden Storms (Storm Sasquard) vs. Gang Raiders (Various Monstraids)
  • Jayden Storms (Storm Sasquard) vs. Tournament Competitors (Various Monstraids)