Tai Blaze
Character Information
Aliases Tiger-Boy (Jayden)
Gender Male
Age 13
Current Monstraid(s) Blaze Tygrowl
Friends Jayden Storms, Dawn, Chase Arrow, Marcus Owens, Wake Hamasaki
Rivals Chase Arrow, Wake Hamasaki
Enemies Dr. Nemesis
Occupation(s) Battle Raider, Fire Raider
Series Information
First Appearance Intensive Traning!
With my burning spirit, I can roar with the confidence of a tiger!

–Tai Blaze

Tai Blaze is one of the main protagonists of the series, Monstraids: Battle Raiders. Tai is a friendly and confident Raider who burns passionately in battles with his incredible battle skills and the abilities of his Monstraid, Blaze Tygrowl.


Tai is a pale-skinned individual with spiky, red hair with orange flame-pattered highlights and has deep, green eyes. He also has black tiger stripes on the sides of his face along with a tiger-like tooth.

Tai wears a red shirt under a yellow-orange short-sleeved Japanese-styled jacket with green lines and has his forearm covered by bandages that might mean he had hurt himself before. He also wears long, black shorts that barely pass his ankles, has bandages covering his legs, and wears Japanese-styled shoes. Tai wears a tattered gray scarf, has martial-artist gloves that only cover his three fingers and the left wrist is also covered by bandages.


Tai is seen as friendly and open-minded, but with a very enthusiastic fighti spirit that burns with his battle spirit.


A Tygrowl's RoarEdit


Special MovesEdit

  • Blazing Tiger Slash: Tygrowl's main special move. Tygrowl attacks the foe using its burning claws and rakes hard at the opponent.
  • Roar of Fire: Tygrowl roars a burning whirlwind that sharply strikes or uses it to charge at the opponent.
  • Burning Tornado Fang: Tygrowl runs at high speeds, then spins around to create a powerful tornado of fire that burns when striking at the opponent.


  • Tai is the only main character, with the exception of Wake, to have a Japanese first name.
  • Tai is short for the Japanese surname: Taichi.