Wake Hamasaki
Character Information
Aliases Captain Sea-Head (Jayden)
Gender Male
Age 15
Current Monstraid(s) River Dragier
Friends Jayden Storms, Dawn, Chase Arrow, Dan Blaze ,Marcus Owens
Rivals Jayden Storms
Enemies {{{enemies}}}
Occupation(s) Battle Raider
Series Information
First Appearance Dragier Unleashed!
My raging battle spirit will not be crushed!

–Wake Hamasaki

Wake Hamasaki is one of the main protagonists of the Monstraids: Battle Raiders series. Wake is a fierce and vicious Raider with the strength of a dragon, much like his prime Monstraid, River Dragier.


Wake is a tall, slim but muscular, and pale-skinned individual with spiky, blue hair with purple-and-green highlights, and has gray eyes. He also has a blue, leviathan-shaped tatoo on his left shoulder.

He wears a sleeveless, white collared jacket with blue/green surf highlights over a jade-green shirt, has on tight, brown cargo pants with blue highlights and a yellow line, blue boots, and dark-blue fingerless gloves. 


Wake is a cocky, arrogant, and ignorant character with a vicious and angry temper. This may be because he grew up alone and became a fierce Raider.


The Dragier RaiderEdit

After witnessing Jayden's battles with Tai Blaze and Marcus Owens, Wake decides to take the chance of battling the Thunder Raider himself. During their battle, Wake manages to defeat him using two of his most powerful Special Moves: Deep Sea Blast and Raging Typhoon. This gives him the advantage as his power and strength is tied with Dragier.

Of Friendship and RivalryEdit

Dragier Strikes Back Again!Edit


  • River Dragier: Wake's primary Monstraid. It is a fierce Power-type, Water-elemental Monstraid based on the Dragon, a legendary creature from legends.

Special MovesEdit

  • Tsunami Crush: Dragier's first Special Move. Has not been used.
  • Deep Sea Blast: Dragier's second Special Move first used in Dragier Unleashed!.
  • Raging Typhoon: Dragier's most powerful Special Move first used in Dragier Unleashed!.

Combined Special MovesEdit

  • Fissure Demolition: Dragier's combined Special Move when combined with Gorlem.


  • Wake's last name, Hamasaki, has two meanings in Japanese: Hama means "beach, seashore,", and Saki means "small peninsula, cape".
  • The word Wake has something to do with fluid dynamics.
  • Wake is the only main protagonist to defeat Jaydn before losing to him in a rematch.